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Have you ever seen or consumed Trigona Raw Honey before? Introducing one of the best honey that you ever have. From our Tropical Island, clean ecosystem, clean air, the blue sky, forests everything we need to achieve a tittle of natural farm and healthy ecosystem. Belitung Island is located close to Java Island, is well known as one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia. Besides the tourism and seafood sectors, Belitung Island has developed their own honey ecosystem which we believe that would help the local community. Moreover the environments will be better as well, since we know bees will help the pollination process.

Our little stingless bees already well known as a producer of natural medicine, our stingless bees everyday live around at our farm, that already has naturally created and our farm has multiple floral inside however, most of them are teak and mangrove trees. Our bees is well treated, we already have more than 100 boxes or homes for them, that we believe we can harvest more than 40-50 litters fortnightly. Since the bees are small and naturally grown, Trigona Bees body is small, a year they only can produce small amount of honey.

As our team learned and researched already, we found out multiple benefits of consuming Trigona Raw Honey, since our honey already contained bee propolis, that is the reason people rarely sell Trigona Propolis. Let’s break down what Trigona Raw Honey Contained, regularly we sold 78% of honey and 22% of water which meet the National Standard, our honey is thick and black.

Containing Flavonoid, Acid, Phenol Esters and Propolis, also containing more than 10 type of Amino Acid. Our honey also have high Vitamin A, B, C, D and E. With a lot of vitamins and multiple nutritions, this honey already well known as “The Mother Medicine”. Let’s check the benefits of our honey.

  1. Anti Oxidant
  2. Improved Immune System
  3. Improved Respiratory System
  4. Anti-Aging System
  5. Anti Bacterial
  6. Improved Heart System
  7. Sugar Substituted
  8. Improved Sleeping Quality

One spoon everyday in the morning and one spoon before sleep (if necessary, like people feel unwell), will help medicine get away. We assure the quality that we have and products will make our lovely customers satisfied, your health is our priority.

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