Raw Natural Honey or Fake Honey? How to see the different?

Every drop of honey is contained 6 magnificent benefits for us, like we have explained before (The Mother Medicine) , however is the honey 100% Natural ?

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Raw Honey

Lets we check one by one how to check The Real Honey with simple methods without any cost, check it out!

  1. Using Spoon
    Take one table spoon Honey (Better use Wooden Spoon or Plastic Spoon),then lift it up around 5-10 cm and dropped it, let the honey flows slowly, you will see the non-stop flow of the honey because of the thickness. You will see a beautiful flow of honey.
  2. Using Glass & Water
    Prepare one transparent glass fully filled with water, prepare one spoon of honey and put it inside the glass, you will see the Thick Raw Honey will be drown until the bottom of glass because of the thickness and it is difficult to dissolve, moreover this method is better try it at Morning because you can consume the honey after you do this.
  3. Menggunakan Mangkok & Air /Using a Plate and Water
    This method looks like a magic and nature phenomenon, while testing the honey put it in the middle of plate , tried to move the plate slowly as clockwise movement ,as you see the honey will start change the pattern like an Hexagonal like The Honey Bee Hives, longer process will get a better result, try it and you will see the magic.
  4. Using Paper
    Prepare one paper and put honey on the paper, Can be checked the paper become wet immediately and easy to tear it, normally it happens because of the honey contained excessive water in this part we prepared 22% of Water, However while putting the thick honey, the paper itself looks like normal become wet slowly.
  5. Using Bowl
    First of all please put the honey on the bowl, leave it for a while because this method required 30 minutes to 1 hour to do, we will check do ants like our honey so much or just interested to come?,
    As researchers or local people said, ants will come to the honey, however they will not attract or interest to the honey because of the thickness of honey itself, contained the enzymes and bee wax will make the ant go away.
  6. Using Refrigerator
    Thick honey is not easy to get frozen because of the water percentage inside the honey, the thicker honey the longer time is needed to froze the honey however we kindly not recommend put honey inside the refrigerator, because of the cold storage may affect the honey quality and water’s percentage, can be seen after we put into refrigerator, the storage it self might has dew in the wall that will affect the honey, that will reduce the honey thickness.

As explained below, some tips for checking is the Honey Real/ Raw and naturally processed, it can be done without visit the laboratory, however, those can be different for different kind of honey, we would like to recommend the raw and natural honey which the farm and farmers ethically harvest the honey, the honey without Sugar and Naturally grown, you also can check our honey “Trigona Raw Honey Belitung” at here (our shop) , 100% Raw Honey, Organic, Naturally Processed, because our company also follows and support the campaign “SaveMaduIndonesia” to established reputation and Integrity of Local Honey, we believe Indonesia Honey must be the king in Indonesia, moreover, The Natural, Raw and Organic suppose to be have more benefits and powerful impacts for our live.

Natural Raw Honey, Thick and Yummy
Natural Raw Honey, Thick and Yummy

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