About Our Honey and Farm

  Our farm is well known as family owned, everything is naturally produced and processed, we believe natural ecosystem could help bees and our company to create natural products that can be used as medicine, food and drink, moreover, not even affect our live but also the ecosystem and creatures to be able live there.

Our Goals

  1. Introducing Trigona Honey to community
  2. Supporting local community to be able creating a product
  3. Providing natural products that helps Indonesia people being healthy
  4. Naturally creating, developing and protecting environments
  5. Spreading a word of “Belitung” to the world

  We believe helping communities and protecting environments will have a massive impact to our ecosystem, this kind of natural products and farms not only help us to be able to live better but also the animals and plants. We will keep this process to create what we call sustainable farm that naturally growth and our honey will be produced more. Our farmers have an experience to move a new hive that helps us to create a sustainable product that we believe this kind of system will help them grow and develop their own ecosystem at our farm.

Original bee hive
Trigona Raw Honey Belitung Two Sizes 150 Gram and 300 Gram

Our Honey

Trigona Raw Honey is made of 100% natural raw honey from Tropical Belitung Island, containing multivitamins and high nutrition to help support anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant and has many benefits for the human body.

Taste: Sweet and Sour

Nectar: Mangrove and Teak

Check this link for further information and benefits of our Honey and Click this link to buy our 100% Natural Raw Honey.